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Arizona, also known as the Copper State, has gained popularity in the past decades as a result of its first-rate quality of life. Arizona is an exemplary state for young experts interested in kickstarting their respective professions because this state has flourishing job opportunities. Besides, it has a moderately low cost of living compared to the standard expenditures in the States and a shockingly robust economy. Therefore, buying a primary residence in AZ has become the mania. For this purpose, you will have to look into Arizona mortgage loans.
In this blog post, we shortlisted the ten best lenders that issue splendid advances that facilitate you to save thousands of dollars! Hence, read till the end to discover the monthly expenditures.

Ten Best Mortgage Investors (Tested and Certified)

Mortgage financiers provide funding to the borrowers. Mostly, they are banks or financial institutions proposing mixed types of housing finance. Before giving the advance, these companies estimate your repaying capacity and designate conditions for interest rate and repayment term.

Finding a trustworthy lender is the key to strife-free house financing through a mortgage. 

Without any further ado, let’s talk about the top providers in AZ.

1. Caliber Home Loans 

Caliber Home is a private financial institution that lends all various advances, including FHA, VA, jumbo, conventional, and USDA, in all 50 regions. Furthermore, the closing time can prevail as little as ten business days! 

  • You can apply online using Caliber Home’s website.
  • Requires a minimum down payment is 0% to 3%. 
  • Borrower must have at least 620 points for conventional and 580 for VA/FHA.


  • Creates customizable plans on customers’ call
  • Pro consultants
  • Servicing options are open for almost all products


  • Approximated fees and interest rates are not obtainable online
  • A hard credit pull is mandated

2. Direct Home Lending 

Direct home lending is another digital mortgage lender that operates in selected territories, including Arizona, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Washington. The closing time is under 14 days. 

  • It lends multiple sorts of financing options.
  • The minimum FICO requirement for conventional is 620 and 600 for VA/FHA.


  • Provides a borrowing limit of up to a massive $10 million
  • Quick closing time


  • Doesn’t issue USDA loans
  • Not available everywhere across US

3. Veterans United Home Loans 

Veterans United Home is a renowned debt lender among military families. On top of that, lender spares eligible borrowers the upfront cost

  • Operates nationwide across US
  • Has a standard lending score for a VA loan is 620 
  • Lender gives conventional, FHA, jumbo, and USDA loans. 


  • Highly enlightened professionals for VA applicants are easily reachable.
  • Meager amount of complaints 
  • Procedure is entirely online 


  • Limited information online 
  • It is back-breaking to obtain details for non-VA alternatives.

4. AmeriSave Mortgage 

AmeriSave is an illustrative provider for borrowers looking for government home proposals with small or no prepayment.

  • Offers FHA, conventional, cash-out, streamline financing, etc.
  • Requires a minimum of 620 points for a conventional, 580 for FHA/VA, 700 for jumbo, and 640 for USDA loans.


  • Available in every region except New York.
  • An average closing time of 25 days 


  • It does not run a program for first-time homebuyers
  • Performs a soft inquiry about repayment abilities

5. PNC Bank

PNC is available nationwide, and the borrower can receive a pre-approval momentarily after requesting it online.

  • Provides nearly all financial products
  • Min. credit score mandated for conventional/FHA/Jumbo is 620 and 640 for USDA loans. 


  • Available both online and offline 
  • You can review your application status online.


  • Inflexible app features

6. has promising mortgage financing and refinancing options at instantaneous closing times. The minimum FICO required is 620 for mortgages.


  • Matchless and error-free online application process 
  • Waived refinancing costs if you have financed with


  • Not available everywhere

7. BlueSpot Home Loans 

BlueSpot Home are available in 41 countries, except New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, etc.

  • Least score demanded is 620
  • Provide all types of financing
  • Lender is transparent about monthly costs but is more stringent with FHA loans. 

8. eClick Lending 

  • Lowest FICO required for a conventional lending option is 620 
  • Available in specific states
  • Has multiple lending options, including FHA, VA, and USDA.
  • It does not pre-approve

9. Homefinity 

Homefinity is a model lender if you want detailed guidance from a certified officer.

  • Except for Nevada and NY, Homefinity has operations everywhere
  • Basic FICO required is 600
  • A diverse range of offers are available 
  • Permits online application request submission 
  • Real-time pre-approval

10. Fairway Independent Mortgage 

It has multiple mortgage products and a well-operating mobile app.

  • Lowest standard qualification requirement is 620
  • Minimum down requirement is 3%
  • However, its finance costs are not published online. 
Arizona mortgage loan

Today’s Mortgage Rates in AZ

Here is a quick recap of interest rates for various finance options in AZ for today:

Lending Term and TypeRate Today
30-year fixed5.98%
15-year fixed5.14%
5/1 ARM4.25%

Best Expenses Calculator is a smartly-designed online platform that grants you money-saving options while giving quotes. Additionally, you can access a premium mortgage calculator needed when borrowing from RateChecker. Click here to view it. 


We can conclude that you can obtain an Arizona mortgage loan at staggering rates due to plenty of qualified creditors around the USA. In addition, you may customize your residential funding plan and have yourself pre-approved.

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