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For many individuals, settling in NY is a dream. After all, the hustling-bustling Times Square, commercial streets, and luscious gardens make it one of the best locations to live. However, the moderate price of a NY property is staggering high. In such times, you may think a mortgage loan New York would help, isn’t it?

But ever wondered about the Interest rates and leading housing lenders in the Country? Well, you’re at the right place. Brace yourself as we help you find answers to your mind-boggling mysteries.

Top Five Best Lenders

From a huge list of federal and regional loan providers, we have shortlisted the following five lending firms that serve clients to the finest of their capability.

1. Chase Bank

Founded in 1799, Chase is one of the oldest and most authentic investing enterprises. It has physical headquarters in almost half of the states and is known for charging meager fees than the market.


  • Chase is well-versed in internet lending and allows electronic submission and tracking of records.
  • It has an expansive menu of offerings, including conventional, government-backed, and jumbo credits.
  • You get a competitive market rate, and the bank is eager to reach the best arrangement for you. 


  • HELOC and equity financing are unavailable. Moreover, it doesn’t offer home improvement finances such as FHA 203(k) for remodeling homes.
  • Online application isn’t particularly possible. You must speak to an officer to finalize the form.

2. Guaranteed Rate

If you’re in for a complete digital experience, Guaranteed Rate does it more skillfully than any other financial institution. Although it’s a Chicago-based firm, it has over 400 offices across the US.

The best part?

  • Best known for its quick turnaround time. You can get a pre-approval letter within 15 minutes, and the closing can be done within ten days.
  • Offers all the top-notch products that the buyers are actively seeking.
  • Provides the best digital experience, and the user-friendly tools allow one to upload and digitally sign the documents.
  • 24/7 esteemed customer service willing to help you with questions.

What’s worse?

  • It’s rarely possible to review the costs on the website.
  • Although the Guaranteed rate offers plenty of loans, some of them may be outsourced to other groups.

3. PNC Bank

PNC serves almost 9 million customers in all 50 US states. It’s flawless for people seeking digital application support and requiring jumbo residential finance.

Known for:

  • If you want to finance a second home purchase, PNC helps you with it.
  • You can get up to a $5 million amount.
  • It has an easy-to-use Internet site with valuable tools that helps estimate monthly debt payments. Moreover, an online homeownership cost tool enables you to calculate the expenses of a mortgage loan New York.

Disliked For:

  • Not having branches in all fifty states, so in-person service is unavailable in every state.
  • Doesn’t provide financing for renovation.

4. Truist Bank

Now merged with Suntrust and BB&T, Truist serves numerous consumers in the US through its physical branches and a stellar digital presence. Moreover, the institution even offers checking, savings, and deposit accounts services. The benefit? If you’re an account holder in Truist, you may avail of discounts.


  • Apply via phone, in-person, or through the webpage.
  • Offers a solid menu of essential products
  • The lender is transparent about its fees and onboarding process
  • The website is user-friendly and has plenty of resources to help a borrower


  • It isn’t available in Hawaii, Washington, and Arizona.
  • The merger between the three associations may make it challenging to comprehend the pre-qualification process.

5. Veterans United Home 

As the name suggests, this institution specializes in VA mortgages across the US. In fact, it’s rated one of the top three VA corporations across the US. The best thing is that although the company specializes in VA loans, it also offers USDA, FHA, traditional, and ARM products.


  • The webpage is creative and has a simple process.
  • It has the lowest number of complaints documented with CFPB.


  • Typically requires a 620 FICO score
  • Doesn’t provide home equity financing
  • No info on non-VA offers
  • The website offers limited information concerning the expenses

Monthly Costs and Expenditures Review

Till now, you’re aware of the top property financers in New York. But that’s just not it. You should know the earnings levels and associated costs to make informed decisions. For a standardized comparison, we have sourced rates from Bankrate.

If we consider it on a national scale, the overall rates across the US have risen sharply, conceivably due to inflation. Similarly, the local rates have also increased. So, the current rates for mortgage loans New York are 5.59% for a 30-year fixed, 4.76% for a 15-year, and 2.69% for a 5/1 ARM.

In contrast, for California, they are 5.95%, 5.17%, and 2.69% for respective types. Additionally, for Texas, they are 5.87%, 5.03%, and 4.13%.

Evidently, the average regular expenses in NY, compared to other states, are lower. It can be due to high competition among officers, foreclosure ordinances, and the condition of the regional economy.

Parting Thoughts!

Till now, you should have a detailed overview of the housing market in one of the popular States. Undoubtedly, the rates are on the rise, but still, they are rising slowly in NY. Hence, it may be a reasonable time if you’re wondering about prearranging a mortgage loan New York.

The promising news is you can get a customized quote online, solely from the Rate Checker.

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